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    Please be aware that some of the features and benefits may have fees if you use them. Refer to the terms and conditions for a full list of all the fees.

    Prepaid cards
    What is a prepaid card? A prepaid card looks and feels like a credit card but is different in that you only spend what you load. You load money onto the card and then spend it in shops, online or take cash out of an ATM rather than spend money and then pay off the balance later. To apply for a prepaid card you need to be 18 years old and over and live in the UK. There are no credit checks required but we may ask for proof of ID.
    How does a prepaid card work? The prepaid card is a MasterCard Chip and PIN card. This means that it can be used anywhere in the world, that the MasterCard Acceptance Mark is displayed. It is used in a similar way as a bank card or credit card. The card can be entered into the machine and a PIN used to verify the transaction.
    About Tuxedo
    Who is Tuxedo? Tuxedo is one of the leading prepaid card providers in the UK, we have been operating since 2006. As well as our own Tuxedo brand we also produce cards for companies including The AA, J Sainsbury, STA and many others.We have won numerous awards for our prepaid cards including ‘The Leading Prepaid Organisation in Europe 2010’ at the European Prepaid Awards in October 2010.
    Does Tuxedo do anything other than Prepaid cards? No. Our expertise is in prepaid cards and that is what we dedicate all our time and resource to.
    What is the eccount®? The eccount® is a secure online wallet which manages your money 24/7, via the internet, telephone or text.
    Getting Started
    How long will it take for my card to arrive? Your card will take 7 to 10 working days to arrive.
    Can I start using my card as soon as it arrives? No, you will need to activate your card by obtaining your PIN, you can do this by ringing the automated PIN retrieval system, this only takes a couple of minutes:1. Telephone (+44) 0207 070 4902 (customer care are open 9am-6pm, 7 days a week, local network rates apply)2. Enter your 9 digit eccount number (this is at the bottom left of the card)3. Enter the last 4 digits of you 16 digit card number (this is the number across the middle of the card)

    4. Enter the 4 digit secret number (this is the number you chose when you applied for the card)

    5. Your PIN will be read out to you – please ensure that you memorise this.

    As soon as you have your PIN your card is activated and ready to be used.

    How can I change my PIN? You can change your PIN at any time at most UK ATMs, insert your Tuxedo card and follow the on screen instructions.
    Am I an ‘eccount holder’ or ‘cardholder’? When you ‘log in’ online, you will be asked to confirm if you are an eccount holder or card holder.
    eccount holder – If you are the person that applied for the card in the first instance then you are the main eccount holder
    Cardholder – if you have a secondary card on someone else’s eccount then you are a card holder.
    How do I load money onto my card and how long will it take for the money to reach my eccount? The Tuxedo card can be loaded using any of the following:• At any shop or garage where you see the PayPoint logo – Funds should reach your eccount immediately. Fees Apply• By credit (fees apply) or debit card – This will take approximately 1 working day to reach your eccount the first time you load, subsequent loads will be allocated immediately.• At any Post Office branch – This will take approximately 1 working days Fees Apply.• Bank transfer – This will take approximately 1 working day to reach your eccount (CHAPS payments will be the next working day). To set this up you will need the following information:

    1) eccount name: NBS re Tuxedo

    2) Bank: Barclays Bank Plc

    3) Bank eccount number: 20505412

    4) Sort code: 20-82-94

    5) Payment Reference: 9 digit eccount number

    There may be fees for using some of the loading channels, the terms and conditions contain a full list of all the fees.

    Please note, for security reasons, it’s not possible to load a Prepaid Card online using a debit or credit card if you have a £1,650 card. The £3,000 card can only be loaded if you have passed the electronic security checks, if you were upgraded using paper documents this facility will not be available to use.

    How many cards can I have? You can have up to 2 cards linked to your eccount if you have a £3,000 card (i.e. 1 additional card). The second card can be in someone else’s name.You can apply for a second card by clicking on the ‘Additional Cards’ tab in your online eccount.You can only have 1 card linked to your eccount if you have a £1,650 card.
    What benefits do I get if I upgrade to a £3,000 card? There are a number of benefits including:• You can purchase a 2nd card for a friend or family member• Make payments to another Tuxedo card holder• Card balance increases to £3,000 (from £1,650)• You can load up to £5,000 per month (from £1,500)

    These increased limits mean the upgraded card is far more suitable if you want to have your wages or benefits paid onto your card.

    Are there any usage limits? Yes, there are top-up limits as well as usage limits. The limits vary depending on your card type, refer to your terms and conditions for a full list of all the limits.
    Using My Card
    Do I get charged when I use my card for cash withdrawals or purchases? This will depend on whether you have a Pay Monthly card or a PAYG card, refer to your terms and conditions for a full list of fees.
    Where can I withdraw cash from? Any ATM that carries the MasterCard Acceptance Mark. You will not be able to see the balance on your card at an ATM. The maximum amount you can withdraw per day is £250 (this is the prepaid card limit). If you are withdrawing cash abroad, the maximum amount is subject to the country’s limits or the prepaid card limit whichever is lower.
    Can I use my Tuxedo Card to make purchases? Yes, as long as you have sufficient funds on your card. You can make purchases online, in stores or over the phone.
    How do I block and unblock my card? Text BLOCK XXXX to 80777 (+44 778 1474 776 if overseas) to block your card and to unblock simply text UNBLOCK XXXX to the same number. (charge per text 20p + std network rate)
    Can I earn cash back with my Tuxedo card? Yes, over 1000 merchants offer cashback, just log onto www.tuxedocashback.com for more information. It gets even better, the cash back that you earn is automatically refunded onto your card, no hassle! (This takes up to 90 working days)
    Managing My eccount
    How do I manage my eccount? The Tuxedo eccount is a secure online wallet which offers you a range of ways to help manage your money. You can manage your eccount online, over the phone or by text message.
    Setting up rules for top-up allocations? The log in area allows you to allocate funds as required. If you have upgraded and have multiple cards you can change the way your funds are distributed between your eccount and card, e.g whenever you Top-up you can allocate half to your eccount and distribute the rest between your card(s).Go to ‘Top-up settings’ tab to set up your rules.
    Accessing the Salary&Wage Payment Form Online You can download the Salary&Wage payment form online by going to the ‘Top-up’ tab and selecting ‘Salary/wage payment’. Instructions on how to Top-up are enclosed on the form.
    Standing Orders You can set up Standing Orders by clicking on the ‘Standing Order’ tab once you have logged on. Fees apply for setting up this service, refer to terms and conditions
    Resetting the password To reset your password, change your Security Code or retrieve your PIN simply click on the ‘Security’ tab when you have logged in.
    How do I check the balance on my eccount? Text BAL ECC to 80777 (+44 778 1474 776 if overseas) – costs 20p + std network rate. You can also check your balance by logging in online or calling our automated service on 0871 220 6420 (calls cost 10p per minute from a BT landline, other network rates vary).
    Customer Services
    What should I do if I have a question? You can contact Customer Services 24 hours a day by sending an email to customercare@tuxedo-eccount.com. We aim to respond to all emails within 24 hours.
    What should I do if my card is lost or stolen As soon as you realise your card is lost or stolen you need to report it by:• Calling us on 020 7101 6599. We will cancel your Tuxedo card and issue you with a replacement to your home address within 7 – 10 working days (£4.99 for replacement cards)• Text LOST or STOLEN to 80777 (+44 778 1474 776 if overseas, network rates vary). Cost per text is 20p + std network rate, service avaialble 24/7
    Credit Checks We do not carry out any credit checks when you purchase a Tuxedo card, we do check your credit file to make sure you are who you say you are and that you live where you say you live but that is all. Your credit file is not affected.
    Phishing We will never send an email to a customer requesting security or any other confidential information about your Tuxedo card. If you receive an email claiming to be from Tuxedo or Newcastle Building Society (NBS) with a link to what appears to be Tuxedo or NBS website, do not enter your personal or eccount details. Tuxedo and NBS are in no way involved with this email and the website does not belong to us or NBS. Never reply to any such emails or disclose any personal information on such websites.If you think you’ve received a fraudulent email that looks like it’s from Tuxedo or NBS, please forward the entire email including the header and footer to security@eccount.com
    Jargon Explained
    Password You will need your password when you log onto your eccount online.
    Security Code You need this 4 digit number to retrieve you PIN from the automated PIN retrieval system.
    What is a pre-authorisation? A pre-authorisation is carried out when a merchant reserves money on a card to ensure payment for their services. Places such as restaurants and hotels do this quite often. For example, a pub or restaurant may pre-authorise a set amount when you open a tab at the bar. If your final bill is less than the pre-authorised amount it may take up to 14 days for you to receive the balance as a refund to your eccount.
    What is the ‘eccount’ balance which is displayed under the ‘Summary’ tab? Your eccount balance shows unallocated funds, i.e. funds that haven’t been assigned to your card(s).
    What is an ‘available’ balance which is displayed under the ‘Summary’ tab? Available balance means cleared balance associated with your card that is available to spend instantly.
    What is a ‘pending’ balance which is displayed under the ‘Summary’ tab? A pending balance is a temporary charge held against your available funds. It relates to:• A transaction (purchase or cash withdrawal) you’ve made using your Tuxedo card which has been authorised for payment, but has not yet reached your eccount• ‘Reserved’ funds requested by certain retailers (e.g. upon check-in some hotels take your Tuxedo card details for an ‘authorisation transaction’ that reserves enough funds to cover you bill);• A payment or cash withdrawal you’ve made which has not yet cleared.
    What is pending transaction? A pending transaction (sometimes called ‘outstanding authorisation’) is a temporary charge held against your available funds.